Questions & Answers

Akashic Truth FAQ


Best way to utilize this resource:

1.  Be patient and kind with yourself when confronting a deeper truth.

2.  Always move forward while giving yourself permission to relax, revise, and re-start… Breathe!

3.  Interact with yourself. Feel free to print out questions and write out your answers, or be inspired to write in your journal.

4.  Change and evolve with more precision. Write out as much as you can, it’s a concrete way to make progress and revisit your growth.

5.  Only hoping to hear what you want to hear, sets up unrealistic expectations. This is emotional, mental and spiritual work. Practice, practice, practice.

6.  Anytime you feel strong emotional resistance, please give yourself permission to step away and take a break.

7.  Remember that information takes time to “sink in,” I recommend you do something physically creative to help your mind adjust.